High-Growth Marketing

The driving force behind 10+ product launches.

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filling the funnel

How did I drive 190% CAGR growth in qualified leads?

Data-Driven ABM

Using market data to drill down to the exact companies that match our target market then building a 10k+ contact database for outbound, remarketing, direct mail, and more.

Product Marketing

Starting with a full go-to-market playbook for each product: buyer personas, ideal customer profiles (ICPs), product positioning, feature-to-value mapping, and competitive analysis. Followed by sales enablement, pitch decks, battlecards, case studies, and testimonials.

Content Marketing

Leveraging product marketing to create guides, whitepapers, videos, webinars, infographics, and more that drives demand generation.

Earned Media

Secured coverage in WSJ, CNBC, NBC Nightly News, Axios, Forbes, trade publications, and more. Honored with tens of awards including Inc 5000 (top 15%), CBInsights AI100, and Deloitte Fast 500.

Growing with purpose

Making The Right Hires

Growing a marketing team takes precision. Gauging and matching sales growth, setting goals, and having a vision for how a new role will affect the funnel are all important.

In my latest role, product marketing and demand generation were top priorities — followed by marketing operations.

Jumpstarting Public Relations

Earned Media

Sometimes you just have to pick up the phone. And when it comes to customer announcements, you would be shocked how many people will say yes if you just ask at the right time.

Achieved coverage in WSJ, BBC, CNBC, NBC Nightly News, Axios, Forbes, Inc, FastCompany, regional publications, trade publications, and so many more.


Bringing Products To Market — and Space

I've had the pleasure of bringing more than 10 products to market across aerospace, artificial intelligence, aviation, insurance, maritime, and more.


Growth in Enterprise Pipeline


CAGR Growth in Qualified Leads


Company Awards in previous 4 years (zero pay-to-play)


Media mentions in previous 4 years

Content Portfolio

Turning Messaging Into Leads

Are you interested in seeing first-hand the kind of content that has driven leads?

Content Portfolio
The Person

More About Nick

I am more than just a marketer.
I'm a tinkerer, an enthusiast, AI prompt writer, and a traveler.

1,000,000 miles driven.
100+ 3D prints designed in CAD.
10 Countries Traveled.
1 Car Built By Hand.

Nick is the real deal when it comes to building out the marketing function for a high-growth B2B startup from scratch. He has been the driving force behind our marketing function at ZestyAI. He played a crucial role in launching five products. Nick is well-rounded across all disciplines (performance, brand, events, digital, PR, comms, product etc.) and constantly delivered qualified leads to sales.

Attila Toth

CEO & Founder, ZestyAI

Nick was responsible for ideating and executing Spire’s brand vision. He has an uncanny sense of style,values, and perception that he brought to bear in all his activities for Spire. That included leadingcommunications, public relations, coordinating marketing efforts, handling budgets, agencies, andhiring/managing a small but talented team of people to assist in executing the company’s brand andmarketing vision. His abilities as a self-starter helped launch much Spire’s marketing stack.

Peter Platzer 

CEO, Spire Global, Inc (NYSE:SPIR)

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