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Whitepapers & Research Reports

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When Innovation And Regulation Meet

The research shows how paying more attention to the cumulative effect of all hailstorms, not just the largest and most recent ones, and understanding a property's susceptibility to future storms could benefit insurers.

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Hail Risk 2024

Discover how 2023's storm season has shifted the landscape of hail risk.

With severe convective storms breaching previous financial thresholds, it's time for insurance carriers to harness the power of AI and innovative risk assessment models.

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Small Hail.Big Problems.New Approach.

The research shows how paying more attention to the cumulative effect of all hailstorms, not just the largest and most recent ones, and understanding a property's susceptibility to future storms could benefit insurers.

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Wildfire Season Overview | 2023

Despite the temporary respite from widespread wildfire devastation in 2023, the risk of wildfire continues to escalate.

Gain valuable insights into the current wildfire landscape, and learn how insurers can transform this temporary lull into a significant opportunity.

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AI-Powered Portfolio Review

This top-10 insurer found thousands of policies with excessive risk hidden in their book of business.

What would you find if you could perform a tailored analysis of your entire book? This study will show you how an AI-powered portfolio review uncovers hidden risks in your book.

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Company Sizzle

With 4 testimonials filmed in a short amount of time, this sizzle reel gives clients a feel for what it's like working with the company.

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Client Testimonial

For this testimonial, I hired outside videography but performed the editing myself.

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Conference Promotion

The organization featured in the video carriers a lot of weight with insurers. Together, we promoted a joint-talk at an upcoming conference. I shot both interviews in a span of about 30 minutes while at a seperate conference.

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Evergreen Product Video

This video was shot by a contractor around Christmas 2023 but contained several Christmas elements in the background. I used artificial intelligence in the editing process to remove the themed items.

Click the link below to watch a walkthrough that I recorded demonstrating the process.

Using AI in Video
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Engineering Promotion

This video was used by human resources to drive applications for technical roles at the company's UK location.

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California Insurance

A clip from a 2024 insurance webinar, part of a series about the reopening of California's insurance market -the 4th largest insurance market in the world.

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Hail Events Technical Dive

A clip from a 2023 insurance webinar, related to the research study linked above on this page.

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Additional Content / Design


Booth Designs

Over the years, I've designed several booths. That includes this 10x20 and 100% of the content displayed on the monitors. I also set up custom UI/UX on tablets at the booth to perform demos, track visitors, and set up follow-up meetings.

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This photo established the CEO of our company on the same stage as a president of one the leading national insurers and the US's largest insurance regulator.

It's not the most pleasing photo I've ever taken, but easily one of the most important.

I'm always ready to grab my mirrorless DSLR, tripod, and lights if it means getting an important shot like this or filming a testimonial with a client.

Leveraging AI

Image Manipulation

The original image (top-left) was shot by a member of my team. However, the white background and white shirt didn't fit the aesthetic we needed later on. Artificial intelligence was used to replace the background and the shirt's color was manipulated. The final image is just a joke since the employee asked to "make me look like James Bond".



While they aren't a central part of marketing in 2024, infographics still play a role in conveying information on websites and in whitepapers.

This map, part of an interactive regulatory guide, details how complex the US property insurance regulatory environment has become.

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